Proofreading Service

A text with errors can give a poor impression to your clients, colleagues or readers, so it's important to deal with such things if you want to do well. Everyone knows that it's difficult to spot mistakes in your own work, so as a proofreader I will check your text for spelling errors, typos, extra or missing spaces, missing or incorrect page numbers or headers/footers, and missing or inappropriate words; I will correct grammar and punctuation, cross-check references if required, and check for overall clarity and consistency. 

Most proofreading jobs are now done on screen, using Microsoft Word's Track Changes facility or Adobe Acrobat editing functions (please virus-check all documents before sending them by e-mail). I can also proofread text intended for a website, preferably in Microsoft Word format.

It is easier and often more efficient to proofread on paper. I will mark up using British Standard symbols (I can provide a copy of the most common ones if you are unfamiliar with them), or simply check and mark up according to the client's individual requirements. I will return the document to you by post or courier (printing charges, if applicable, will be included in the final fee). 

Proofreading is not editing, and does not include rewriting sections, changing words (unless incorrect), or altering the author's style. I will query any unclear sections and point out any factual errors before making alterations.

Theses and dissertations
As a languages graduate, I understand the challenges of writing in English when it is not your mother tongue, and therefore specialise in working with overseas students and postgraduates.

For copyright reasons, I do not advise on content, but restrict myself to making the meaning clear.

Terms and conditions for proofreading academic work are available on request.

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